Padideh Pars
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Production History  

  This production unit was established in 1358(1979) under the name of Mosayebi Machinery Manufacturing Company. The company initially started to manufacture semi-automatic foodstuff packaging machineries for small industries and then manufactured the first automatic labeling machine in Iran due to commencement of economic sanctions and demand of country's packaging industries. As this machine was well received in the market, it led to manufacture of different types of packaging machineries for food industry.
By changing the name of company to Padideh Pars Machinery Manufacturing Company in 1368(1989), a new step was taken in manufacturing and commissioning of foodstuff and pharmaceutical industry machineries so that the first machine for filling of liquids and then variety of rinsing, filling and capping machines for carbonated soft drinks were manufactured. In 1375(1996), manufacturing of packaging machines for pharmaceutical industry was also added to production line and the first filling and capping machine (Model 400) for carbonated soft drinks in bottles was commissioned by this company in Iran according to international standards which led to production process of regulating Three Blocs machines for PET bottle and labeling machine with hot glue for different containers with different capacities.
At present, about 600 of this company's equipments are operating in more than 250 domestic and foreign companies.